La Foret des Voeux – New CD Release

La Foret Des Voeux – New CD Release

‘The Forest is a magic grid, a space that I experience completely immersed, surrendered, a place with codes and secret, incomprehensible connections, like the nervous system in our body. In such a forest of my sympathetic and parasympathetic system, in a place that lies between thoughts and feelings, subconscious projections, fears that I repel, but also goals that I try to "revive" with conscious focus, reference and restoration, where the sense of the sanctuary originates, where the ‘personal’ unites via osmosis with the 'other', the 'outside', the ‘public’, where the words are no longer the main tool of Thinking, there is the 'Forest of the Oaths', my sacred space… the sacred space of each one of us…

The concept of the Forest implies that the 'Oaths' pre-exist, or better, they exist without our intentions sometimes, that they are greater than us, like the Forest itself. The Forest of Oaths for me is a space that is is not a ‘mental creation’ of the ‘rational’ human being inside us, it is the place where everyone has his secret union with the universe…’

Jánnos Eolou ‘La Foret des Voeux’ is a full length work (47 min) for string quartet, piano and accordion. It was premiered on 23rd of March 2019 at Yeni Tzami, in Thessaloniki. The visual background of the concert utilised photographs of the era 1912-17 and 1944-5 of ordinary people ‘awaiting’ and ‘celebrating’ the ‘idea of liberation’. A human ‘Forest’ of hopes, oaths and wishes... Special thanks to the Photography Museum ‘Christos Kalemkeris’ of the Municipality of Kalamaria for the use of the photographs as well as the organisation of the event.

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