The TV Series ‘Hara Theou’ (48 episodes of one hour each) produced for the Greek National TV ERT3, is a documentary series focusing on several major theological issues.

It has travelled from Mount Athos and Istanbul, to the Vatican, St. Petersburg, Europe and most of Greece talking to theologists, priests, ordinary people about religious, social, historical issues, related to the Greek Orthodox Tradition. TV series directed by Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos. Subjects/presentation: Yiannis Melissidis. Produced by N-CODE LTD for the Greek National TV ERT3.

Jánnos Eolou’s esoteric compositions lead the emotional path and hold together the narration of the documentary series.

He utilizes the Byzantine religious and secular music tradition molding a modern, absolutely personal compositional language.

Listen to Samples of the Music – Download the whole album (31 tracks)