With his last film score ‘The Christmas Tango’ Jannos Eolou has had great reviews.
Below are some of them:

‘…music is the key aspect of the film…’ – Yiannis Zouboulakis, Vima Newspaper, 22.11.11

‘…for the first time in Greece Music and Cinema have joined forces in such a way, leaving the audience breathless…’ Nikolas Aronis,, 22.11.11

‘… musical grandeur…’ Panagiotis Timogiannakis, 3.12.11

‘…sensational music…’ Lifo – 1.12.11

‘…the music was fantastic… a film created by real artists…’ Michalis Reppas (Real News) – 19.12.11 

‘…the music is incredibly accurate, serious and essential to the film. The main vehicle that moves the whole soundtrack is a dramatic music theme that acts like the ‘voice of destiny’. Sometimes lonely, reluctant and shy, expressive, revealing, discrete, emotional, urgently dramatic, introvert… different shapes that prove the composer’s ability to mold the same music theme according to the needs of each scene within the film. Above all, we see the mastery of the composer to identify the film’s musical signature so successfully from the first moment. This is one of the most vital things for a film, and in this particular case, the composer was really inspired when composing the main themes which dominate the whole soundtrack…’ ( – 09.01.12

‘… the extraordinary Jannos Eolou composed a soundtrack of the highest standards that works as a catalyst in the film from the first moment. Its big success is that it is a work of art and can be enjoyed also outside the film. It is a one of the best musical works we came across for a long time now. It is of Hollywood standards.’
Yiannis Theodosiadis (BizzNews) – 11.12.11

‘…the soundtrack starts with the ‘song version’ of the main theme (lyrics by Eleni Zioga), performed by Giorgos Dalaras – with the enchantment of a heavy emotional but also controlled performance. Then 39 more tango instrumental versions of the 3 main themes follow, of rare beauty and elegiac power. Finesse, bittersweet melancholy and an esoteric tension in a monumental work by Jannos Eolou…’ – Jazz & Jazz, March 2012